This week on the music beat

— THAT ZEPPELIN SHOW Fans of Led Zeppelin, take note. The married executive producers of That ’70s Show, Jeff and Jackie Filgo, are naming each of the current season’s 25 episodes after a Zeppelin song. ”If you want to work on the show, you pretty much have to be a Zeppelin fan,” jokes Jeff, who offered clues on the hidden meanings behind some of this season’s Zep-esque journeys: On ”I Can’t Quit You Baby,” Hyde and Jackie ponder breaking up; ”Going to California” has the gang on a road trip out West; and ”Black Dog” tells the dark tale of how Fez’s ”little man” turns black. Filgo says they’ve had so much fun saluting Zeppelin that they’ll probably play the same game next season with another band. ”But it won’t be Styx,” he assures. ”Nobody likes Styx.”

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