”The whole world wants to see [John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John] back together,” oozed Paramount honcho Sherry Lansing at the Sept. 24 bash for the 1978 film’s DVD debut (see review on page 61). Reunion plans are as slippery as greased lightning, but the stars knew how their characters shaped up. — William Keck

— JOHN TRAVOLTA on Danny: ”He’s married to Sandy, and they have about six kids. He probably has a gut and is balding. One of his relatives is a Scientologist, and he and Sandy are seriously looking into it.”

— OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN on Sandy: ”She’s working with animals and trying to kick smoking. She’s wearing a nicotine patch.”

— DIDI CONN on Frenchy: ”She’s a single mom with a dog-grooming shop, Hello Gorgeous, where she’s turning poodles pink.”

— JEFF CONAWAY on Kenickie: ”He [and Rizzo] are married, with a lot of broken pottery and china around the house.”

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