Are blond-on-blond catfights in our future? Sure, Christi may be over the emotional edge, but what could make for better slam-bam television? asks Jessica Shaw
Aaron Buerge
Credit: The Bachelor: Bob D'Amico

Are blond-on-blond catfights in our future?

I have a friend who once told me that all guys like a girl who’s just a little bit insane. You know, a bit quirky. A tad eccentric. Of course, there are girls who are a little bit insane and then there are girls who are ”horror picture trilogy, change your looks and get a restraining order” certifiable. From everything we saw in episode two, Christi is looking a little more like the latter.

Let’s just take a moment to review her actions. ”I really, really, really am falling for him,” she gushed about four seconds into their first group date. Later on, our 23-year old Idahoan would admit that she was, indeed, in love with him. How about the complete meltdown during the Napa date when Anindita called Christi on some eye rolling directed at Suzanne. And, of course, let’s not forget the tear-filled, desperate embrace with Aaron.

Does the guy recommend a therapist? Does he tell her to take it easy and have a glass of wine? No, instead, he kisses her. And like the sympathy smooch wasn’t bad enough, Aaron gave her a rose. How are women supposed to ever act normal if being an emotional train wreck gets the guy?

Of course, as a viewer, I could not possibly be more excited that Christi is staying. From the preview scenes, it looks like we’re headed for some blond-on-blond catfights. If only Suzanne had been granted a rose, things would really have gotten deliciously ugly.

But, alas, we’ll have to settle for the likes of Brooke (she of the father who ”made a mistake” but is ”doing his time”), Gwen (who could only come up with the pick-up line ”Does everyone in your family have green eyes?”) to make our Christi’s blood boil.

As of now, the most promising women seem to be Hayley, Helene, and both Heathers. Still, it must be pointed out that the H’s could be every bit as, um, emotionally challenged as Christi. Sure, the producers of ”The Bachelor” wanted us to focus on the most overtly dramatic contestant. But, when it comes down to it, is Christi that much different from the other nine rose holders at the ladies’ villa? After all, we are talking about a group of women willing-and eager-to compete for a life mate before millions of Americans on television. I can’t wait for next week.

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