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‘Real’ Sex

Perhaps MTV should consider repackaging the latest Real World as a soft-core porn video: By episode 2 of The Real World: Las Vegas, viewers were treated to a Jacuzzi-based three-way love tryst between Trishelle, Brynn, and Steven. Granted, we are talking about wild, drunken behavior among consenting adults (unlike in previous Real Worlds, producers made sure the randy roomies were at least 21 so they could carouse in the casinos). But some fans believe cocreators Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray are taking a huge gamble with their core fans. ”What trash all of them are!” ranted one post at The exec producers admit the latest behavior is racy — but argue that it’s no more so than RW: Hawaii (when Ruthie and Teck jumped naked into the pool) and RW: Miami (which featured a shower threesome with Mike, Melissa, and a waitress). ”Nothing’s going on here that isn’t going on at college campuses,” argues Murray. (Sleep well, Mom and Dad!) Adds Bunim, ”Mostly, it reflects how comfortable people have become on reality TV.” Somehow, that’s not comforting to us.

Hitler Miss?

Trouble in the Third Reich: CBS and Alliance Atlantis have decided to bring in a new writer to adapt Ian Kershaw’s acclaimed biography Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris for broadcast later this season. John Pielmeier (Flowers for Algernon) will take over for G. Ross Parker (The Great Space Coaster) in depicting Adolf Hitler from his youth until his ascension to power in 1933. Alliance’s Entertainment Group CEO Peter Sussman says the change has more to do with ”our quest to make sure we are making the best film possible” rather than early criticisms and concerns that the movie would ”humanize” Hitler. ”What does that mean?” asks Sussman. ”Did he eat and walk like the rest of us? Yes. He was not a reptile. But I’m not the least bit worried this film could reposition Hitler in history. That’s not going to happen.” The Anti-Defamation League, meanwhile, is ready to take on CBS’ project no matter what its message. ”One has to wonder why there is a need for another movie about this man,” says associate director Amy Levy. ”Any new information that we can gauge on his childhood is not going to change the evil truth.”

AND SO ON… Bernie Mac says he’s talking to Sidney Poitier about guest-starring as his father-in-law on Mac’s eponymous Fox sitcom. Mac has also recruited fellow comedian Don Rickles to play his belligerent neighbor in an upcoming episode…. Even though she’s moved on to CBS’ Presidio Med, Dana Delany hasn’t given up hope on her canceled Fox sudser Pasadena. ”We’re discussing doing it as a movie,” says Delany, who hopes the film could follow in the footsteps of David Lynch’s failed pilot-turned-Oscar nominee Mulholland Drive. ”I loved that character. I’d be so happy to reprise it, and I think Mike White, who wrote and produced the series, is also ready to direct.”

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