Winona prosecutors move to drop drug charge. They now say the defense has provided evidence that she had a reason to have generic prescription painkillers with her when she was arrested for shoplifting
Winona Ryder
Credit: Winona Ryder: Steve Granitz/Retna

One down, three to go. Winona Ryder is still due to face three charges related to her shoplifting arrest when her trial starts on Nov. 15, but prosecutors have asked the judge to drop the fourth charge, for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. The Associated Press reports that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has petitioned Judge Elden Fox to dismiss that charge, saying it has received additional evidence from the defense that she had a prescription for the generic painkillers police found on her when she was arrested last December at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills.

The new evidence was an affidavit from an individual swearing that the actress had reason to have the generic form of the painkiller Percocet. Prosecutors said the statement indicated Ryder did not have the ”requisite criminal knowledge” to support the charge. Defense lawyer Mark Geragos would not say who provided the statement given to the prosecutors, telling AP only, ”We gave them additional support for the prescriptions we had already supplied.”

Of the move to drop the drug charge, Geragos told AP, ”It simplifies things immensely.” Still, Ryder will have to face charges of grand theft, commercial burglary, and vandalism (for allegedly snipping off the price tags of the disputed merchandise) when the trial starts next month.