Madonna, Evita
Credit: Evita: David Appleby

We rate Madonna in ”Evita”

MADONNA PLAYS Argentine First Lady Eva Perón, a performer who uses sexuality to gain power and the adoration of the masses (sound like anyone we know?)

FRIENDS/LOVERS IN THE CAST Antonio Banderas, Madonna’s object of unrequited lust in ”Truth or Dare,” plays the narrator, Che.

DOES SHE SING? Are you kidding? There’s no spoken dialogue; it’s wall-to-wall Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice songs

MEMORABLE MOMENT The deathbed scene — though the whole movie is a sort of extended deathbed scene, an elegiac flashback

REDEEMING CAMP VALUE Pregnant with Lourdes during shooting, Madonna camouflages her swelling belly with various props (chairs, hats, bouquets) and wears some 80 costumes in 130 minutes of screen time.

WHAT WE SAID THEN ”Politics as superstardom! Demagoguery as high kitsch!” No wonder Madonna won a Golden Globe. (Read the full review)

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