Credit: Orion Pictures Corporation/Getty Images

MADONNA PLAYS Susan, a self-possessed woman living a glamorously bohemian life in New York’s East Village, and an icon of liberation to sheltered suburbanite Rosanna Arquette

FRIENDS/LOVERS IN THE CAST The film is full of fellow East Village scenesters — Ann Magnuson, Richard Hell, John Lurie, Rockets Redglare, Arto Lindsay, and others

DOES SHE SING? ”Into the Groove” is on the soundtrack.

MEMORABLE MOMENT Madonna briefly finds herself in Arquette’s shoes, trapped in drab suburbia. Reading Arquette’s diary, she snaps, ”It’s got to be a cover — nobody’s life could be this boring!”

REDEEMING CAMP VALUE Those mix-and-match ’80s street fashions — could anyone but Madonna (above) or Cyndi Lauper have pulled them off?

WE SAY Madonna was essentially playing herself on the cusp of stardom, a real-life role that was as appealing — and calculated — as any character Hollywood could create.

Desperately Seeking Susan
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes