Tommy Lee may visit the troops to fulfill his probation. The rocker proposes a military tour to meet the community service obligation of his sentence for a 1998 assault on then-wife Pamela Anderson

Here’s a new sentencing idea: If you’re convicted of assaulting your wife, you have to follow the Armed Forces into harm’s way. That idea comes from Tommy Lee, who suggested it yesterday during a probation hearing, the Associated Press reports. He proposed that he be allowed to play a tour of U.S. military bases worldwide to fulfill the community service obligations stemming from his sentence in a 1998 case where he pleaded no contest to charges of assaulting then-wife Pamela Anderson.

Back then, the ex-Motley Crue drummer was charged with spousal abuse, child abuse, and a firearms violation after Anderson claimed he’d assaulted her during an argument. Lee and prosecutors reached a plea agreement: The case against him was reduced to a charge of felony corporal injury to a spouse, and Lee pleaded no contest and was sentenced to terms of 180 days in jail and three years in state prison, both of which were suspended.

The probation was extended in May 2000 after Lee was caught drinking. Since then, Los Angeles prosecutor Kathryn Solorzano tells AP, ”He’s done everything he’s supposed to do except his community service.” Lee has 237 hours of community service to fulfill, and AP reports that Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira expressed optimism that Lee could complete his requirements by entertaining the troops before his probation expires in May 2003. His next probation hearing is April 10, and Solarzono tells AP that Lee ”has a great incentive” to complete the tour by that date.