Tom Hanks
Credit: Tom Hanks Illustration by Mark Stutzman

Tom Hanks made EW’s Power List

AGE 46

WHY HIM No scandalous secret here. No stash of blackmail photos. No childhood pact with Satan. Just the simple fact that you trust this man completely. Take the two-time Oscar winner’s against-type turn in ”Road to Perdition,” the dark, dirge-paced drama that DreamWorks counterprogrammed into the shiny happy summer season. The result: a $22 million opening (once more justifying his $20 mil-per-pic fee) and his seventh consecutive $100 million-plus grosser (ninth, if you count those ”Toy Stories”). His formula? Partner with the right people (Steven Spielberg directs his other 2002 offering, ”Catch Me if You Can”); plug into the right places (HBO produced his Emmy-winning ”Band of Brothers”); and mix populism (he’ll appear in 2003’s Christmas fable ”The Polar Express,” which Hanks is producing through his Playtone company) with prestige (after ”Express” he boards the Coen brothers’ ”The Ladykillers”). Oh, and listen to your wife; Hanks’ savviest power move of 2002 may have been producing ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding” at the suggestion of his better half, Rita Wilson. Gifted and smart, trusting and trustworthy. Yep, nothing sexy about that package at all.