Steven Spielberg
Credit: Steven Spielberg: Robin Platzer/Twin Images

Steven Spielberg made EW’s Power List

AGE 55

WHY HIM Okay, so he may have been edged out of the top spot, but Spielberg is the only fella on both of this year’s Power lists. Why? Well, forget double threat, Spielberg’s a TRIPLE threat: In addition to his 9-to-5 gig at DreamWorks, he still manages to moonlight as an executive producer on such cash cows as ”Men in Black II,” while cranking out art-film/mainstream hybrids like ”Minority Report” — which, it should be noted, was a pretty fleet rebound from ”A.I.” Plus, we defy you to name an A-list star who wouldn’t kill to work with him. To wit, he’ll segue from Cruise to DiCaprio and Hanks for the upcoming ”Catch Me if You Can,” which could become this year’s ”Ocean’s Eleven.”