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Ron Howard, Brian Grazer
Credit: Howard & Grazer Illustration by Barry Blitt

Ron Howard & Brian Grazer made EW’s Power List

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WHY THEM Finally, they get a little respect, with ”A Beautiful Mind” netting them their first Best Picture and Howard his first directing Oscar (and $171 million at U.S. theaters). More kudos came for their small-screen efforts exec-producing Fox’s critically hailed ”24.” But there are limits to even Howard and Grazer’s power: Disney nixed their plans for ”The Alamo,” a $135 million-budgeted, R-rated epic (the pair was demanding an extraordinary 37 cents on first-dollar profits). The duo will produce, while Howard considers his next directing gig and Grazer focuses on Mike Myers’ ”The Cat in the Hat” and the Coen brothers’ ”Intolerable Cruelty.”