Robert Blake's bail is denied at first hearing. The judge rules that, after six months, evidence supports keeping the actor jailed, even as the defense accuses the prosecution of evidence tampering

After six months in jail, Robert Blake finally got a bail hearing on Wednesday, only to have his request for bail denied. In a Van Nuys, Calif., courtroom, Judge Lloyd Nash said there was enough evidence supporting the murder charge against Blake for the judge to keep him behind bars, Reuters reports. However, Blake will get another chance for freedom at a preliminary hearing in December.

Harland Braun, Blake’s attorney, told Reuters he would appeal the decision to the California Supreme Court, which prompted Wednesday’s bail hearing in the first place after ordering the authorities to explain why one hadn’t been held since the ”Baretta” star’s arrest in April on charges of killing wife Bonny Lee Bakley in May 2001. Braun also accused the prosecution of evidence tampering, accusing police of removing three bullets from a case of 100 found at Blake’s home, bullets that did not match those found at the crime scene, Braun told Reuters.

District Attorney’s office spokesperson Sandi Gibbons denied Braun’s allegations. ”We have no indication that there was evidence tampering in this case,” Gibbons told Reuters. ”And by the way, Mr. Braun was there too when Mr. Blake’s home was searched. To my knowledge the allegations by Mr. Braun, as so many of them are, are a smokescreen.”