Adam Sandler
Credit: Adam Sandler Illustration by Edmund Guy

Adam Sandler made EW’s Power List

AGE 36

WHY HIM We never thought we’d use the words ”Sandler” and ”Oscar” in the same sentence, but even if the former ”SNL” goofball’s twisted turn in the quirky Cannes hit ”Punch-Drunk Love” doesn’t put him in the running for a golden guy, he continues to flex box office muscle. ”Mr. Deeds” grabbed $125 million despite nasty reviews. And similar dismissals didn’t hurt the cheapo Sandler-exec-produced Dana Carvey comeback, ”The Master of Disguise,” which grossed a tidy $39 million. Up next: the animated musical ”Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights,” after which he’ll transform himself into another ticked-off goofball with ”Anger Management,” costarring Jack Nicholson.