James Van Der Beek answers 10 stupid questions. The WB heartthrob and star of ''The Rules of Attraction'' on Dawson and Joey's hook-up and the sexual instincts of Beanie Babies
James Van Der Beek
Credit: James Van Der Beek: Glenn Weiner/Ipol Inc./Globe Photos

You know him as Dawson, the prototypical boy next door on the WB’s ”Dawson’s Creek.” But James Van Der Beek is about to join the dark side as the morality-challenged Sean Bateman in the big screen adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ ”The Rules of Attraction” (opening Oct. 11). As the 25-year-old begins his journey into adult acting, EW.com asked him to stop for a few minutes to answer 10 stupid questions.

One ”Rules of Attraction” poster shows Beanie Babies in the many positions of the Kama Sutra. Which Beanie Baby is really the sexiest?
The blue one, definitely. She’ll blow your mind.

We kept hearing that Dawson and Joey needed to ”get it off their chests” in the premiere of ”Dawson’s Creek.” Get WHAT off their chests?
What most people get off their chests within a few months if the writers aren’t afraid of the ”Moonlighting” curse.

Really though. How long should a couple wait before, you know, getting it off their chest? Five… six seasons?
Apparently you can’t wait too long.

Speaking of Dawson’s loins, boxers or briefs?
Boxers. The boring ones you buy in packs of three.

What’s more believable: You playing a high schooler two seasons ago on ”Dawson,” or just about anyone on ”Friends” playing a twentysomething?
Two years ago, with a close shave, I almost pulled it off. Now, I’d sooner buy Matt LeBlanc as a teenager.

I was a center in high school football and I remember how awkward it was the first time our QB put his hands between my butt-cheeks for a snap. What got you through your first QB/center exchange in ”Varsity Blues”?
Are you kidding? That was my favorite part!

Your part in Todd Solondz’ ”Storytelling” was cut. Wouldn’t you have been happier if your role in ”Texas Rangers” had been cut instead?
What if Todd had written and directed ”Texas Rangers”? Now THAT would have been reinventing the western. It probably would have made the same amount of money too.

Who’s more of a cowboy: You or ”Texas Rangers” co-star Usher Raymond?
Usher. He’s a freak. That guy learned to ride a horse in half an hour. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do.

Where’s your MTV Best Cameo award sitting these days?
I actually never got one. I complained, but all they did was give me one of those ”Artist of the Millennium” awards instead.

Finally, we’re all dying to know: Is it true what they say about guys with three last names?
You better believe it.