Stupid questions with the celeb stars of ''Boot Camp'' -- Recruits Coolio, David Faustino, Tiffany, and Kato Kaelin dish on their stint on the Fox special
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Ever have a desire to see kitschy famous folk undergo a battery of physical challenges while being harassed by unforgiving drill instructors? Your twisted wish is Fox’s command: On Sept. 30, the network will present a two-hour special titled ”Celebrity Boot Camp.” Before you enlist, check out the intel we gathered on these four promising recruits.

Age 39
Height 5’9”
Weight 160 lbs.
Push-up limit 65
Longest run Two miles
Worst pain ever endured Knee surgery. ”Every time I got up to go to the bathroom, the pain almost made me pee on myself.”
Could you take Gomer Pyle in a fight? ”Gomer Pyle — I don’t know, man. If he was Jim Nabors, I could take him.”
Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? ”No, I love the smell of bacon in the morning.”
What’s in your canteen? ”Kool-Aid. Cherry surprise.”

Age 28
Height 5’3”
Weight 135 lbs.
Push-up limit 100
Longest run 10 miles
Worst pain Kidney stones. ”It’s pretty intense, especially when it wakes you up at 5 a.m.”
What’s in your canteen? ”Gatorade. The clear orange one.”
Do you look good in fatigues? ”I think so. Because I shaved my head, my hat — my Marine cover — looks really good. My pants were a little baggy, though.”
Could we bounce a coin off your bed? ”No, mine’s a f—ing mess.”

Age 30
Height 5’6”
Weight 118 lbs.
Push-up limit 10
Longest run Two miles
Worst pain ”Childbirth and a broken heart.”
Love the smell of napalm? ”No, I love the smell of jasmine in the morning. I love the smell of lavender…”
What’s in your canteen? ”Water. And on a good day, if I wasn’t running a mile, I would have to say Southern Comfort.”
Bounce a coin off your bed? ”No, because I like fluffy. I like big down comforters, and the more pillows, the better.”

Age 43
Height 5’10”
Weight 175 lbs.
Push-up limit 100
Longest run A marathon (four times)
Worst pain ”I was playing baseball, and I broke my arm in half on a curveball. Fractured my humerus bone. Nothing funny about it.”
Take Gomer in a fight? ”As long as he doesn’t sing.”
Love the smell of napalm? ”I do. Hey, it smells like victory.”
Look good in fatigues? ”I look incredible. Actually, I was in the service for three years before this, but it was dry-cleaning service.”

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