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”Family Affair” is so bad, it’s good

THE DISH It’s a remake of the ’60s sitcom of the same name, but with Dr. Frank-N-Furter (a.k.a. ”The Rocky Horror Picture Show” alum Tim Curry) as Mr. French.

WHY IT’S CHEESY FUN Watching Tim Curry camp it up as the uptight Mr. French brings back fond memories of his high strung, high-heeled ”Rocky” character.

BEST SLAPDOWN Kid-hating Mr. French will put those wide-eyed brats Jody, Buffy and Sissy in their places faster than you can say ”Hey, somebody call a social worker!”

WHO’S CRYING NOW? Three cuddly orphans and a tough-on-the-outside, goop-on-the-inside butler? This show’s sappier than a hormonal Richard Simmons.

NAIL BITING DRAMA If you find yourself worrying that a lost Mrs. Beasley won’t be found, this show may have all the drama you can handle.

Family Affair (TV Show - 2002)
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