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Cedric the Entertainer Presents

”Cedric the Entertainer Presents” is so bad, it’s good

THE DISH One of the original Kings of Comedy tries to reign over Flip Wilson’s former territory with an old-fashioned variety/sketch comedy show.

WHY IT’S CHEESY FUN A variety show? The format is so unhip it’s almost cool. Almost.

BEST SLAPDOWN When Cedric dons a dress to play a cafeteria worker, brace yourself for some backtalk.

WHO’S CRYING NOW? The only tears might come from Wayne Brady (”Whose Line Is It Anyway?”), who recently tried to get this format off the ground on ABC.

NAIL BITING DRAMA Fox executives will likely be nibbling their digits wondering if they can keep up the encouraging early ratings.

Cedric the Entertainer Presents
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