NYC pulls plug on White Stripes' free outdoor set. The band keeps playing after the power is cut an hour into its performance

Playing before 3,000 fans in New York’s Union Square Park on Tuesday afternoon, the White Stripes gave an unplugged performance, though not by choice. At 1 p.m., after the band had played fully amped, the city pulled the plug before Jack and Meg White could wrap up their set. They didn’t even get to play their hit ”Fell in Love with a Girl,” MTV reports. Still, the Detroit duo managed to power through an acoustic ”Boll Weevil Blues” before calling it quits.

The free show was part of the Nissan-sponsored ”Ztour,” an ongoing cross-country roster of short-notice outdoor concerts by various artists (Train, Dashboard Confessional, and Enrique Iglesias have also played). reports that the Parks Department ordered the power cut because the Stripes had exceeded their one-hour limit. But a posting on the Ztour website says, ”The cops came and forced the sound guy to cut the music because the park was dangerously packed beyond capacity. And even then, Jack didn’t stop. Instead he just kept singing without amplification and when the crowd couldn’t really hear it well enough, they joined in and helped him finish.”

The next Ztour date is a Counting Crows performance at New York’s Battery Park on Thursday. As for the Stripes, they’re moving on to open for the Rolling Stones in Toronto on Oct. 16 and Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 20.