Britney will cut her break short and return to recording. She says she'll go back to the studio after her current visit to Italy, where Versace is showing a Spears-influenced spring line
Britney Spears, Donatella Versace
Credit: Spears & Versace: Franco Origlia/Getty Images/Newscom

For a performer who’s supposedly on vacation, Britney Spears is awfully busy. Despite her announcement in late July that she was taking a six-month sabbatical, she’s continued to maintain a high profile, appearing at awards ceremonies and fashion shows. On Tuesday, she told Reuters that she plans to return to the recording studio after her current visit to Italy. ”I think I may just go to Los Angeles and record a little bit. But other than that I just plan to hang out,” she said before yesterday’s Versace show in Milan.

Spears and Donatella Versace are apparently close pals. The designer said her spring 2003 line was inspired in part by the pop star. ”My clothes are very young and rock and roll — Britney things,” she said. In fact, Spears herself modeled a new curve-hugging, translucent, rainbow-hued Versace gown. Still, even Versace agreed that the 20-year-old singer has been working too hard lately. ”She needs a vacation,” Versace said. ”She’s worked so so hard for so many years. She’s a young girl and she’s a little tired.”