Finally, we get an entertaining episode, says Dalton Ross, as Jake is voted off, the family visit is a riot, and little Clay acts up
Jake Billingsley, Survivor: Thailand
Credit: Jake Billingsley: Monty Brinton/CBS

”Thailand” is finally getting interesting

Okay, now we can get down to business. Despite Mark Burnett’s trademark sneaky little pump fake, we all knew Jake was gonna go, right? And I’m glad he did. Not because he was a bad guy or ’cause I couldn’t handle looking at that mangy beard any longer, but rather now, after a month of simply playing out the string, we can finally get to the good stuff and watch these former friends of Chuay Ghan turn on each other.

Still, even though we all knew Jake was a goner, this past episode was pretty entertaining. (Remember, we’re grading on a curve here, against the other recent boring-as-hell ”Thailand” episodes.) First we got to see little man Clay act like a jackass for no apparent reason when he took Jake to task for his comments at the previous tribal council. Yo, Clay, dude — YOU DO NOTHING!!! He called you on it. Big deal. Then we had the old family visit challenge, which usually bores me to tears, but this was actually pretty fun. Watching the loved ones try to put down water roaches, tarantulas, and scorpions was pretty hilarious. I mean, how many times did Helen’s husband Jim appear like he was gonna Ralph right on Jeff Probst? That was priceless.

Then there was Brian’s wife, Ci-Ci, who refused to eat a water bug in order to see her husband. Perhaps these soft porn stars don’t have the rock solid relationship we all thought they had. Gee, go figure. (Did you also notice how when the loved ones came back for the reward challenge, and all the couple were all kissy-kissy, Brian and Ci-CI were only talking about how he was going to win the money? Ain’t love grand?) Throw in Ted’s brother’s wacky facial hair, and an ”I love you!” shouting contest between Clay and his wife, and you had one pretty good segment. Jim’s visit to the camp, however, was pretty boring, and I certainly didn’t need to see that night vision shot into his and Helen’s ”honeymoon suite” tent.

So now we probably go one of two directions. Either the three guys gang up on the two women and take them out, or Helen organizes the troops against Clay. While I’d prefer the latter, I think the former is probably a more likely scenario. And, truthfully, a smarter one for Brian. He’s a lock to win in the finals if he goes with Clay, so why should he tempt fate with Helen? And Jan? Well, she probably doesn’t stand a chance in hell, but I’d at least like to see her get drunk once more. You know, for old times’ sake.

Who do you think is in the best position to win?

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