De Niro, Kinnear, Romijn-Stamos may star in ''Godsend.'' In the sci-fi thriller, a couple enlists a scientist to clone their murdered son

Does Robert De Niro know something about cloning that the rest of us don’t? How else to explain why he’s able to find the time to shoot three or four movies a year, plan the TriBeCa Film Festival, run some restaurants, and make public appearances boosting his beleaguered New York City? So he’s an apt choice to star as a genetic scientist in the sci-fi horror/thriller ”Godsend.” The star of the current ”City by the Sea” is in talks to shoot the movie in November for a 2003 release, according to trade reports.

Also in talks to star in the movie, scripted by Mark Bombeck, are Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. They’d play a couple who lose their little boy to an accidental shooting. They turn to a stem-cell expert (De Niro’s role) to bring their 8-year-old back to life. British director Nick Hamm (”Talk of Angels”) will shoot the film, which is being produced by Lions Gate but will be distributed by Dimension, the horror-flick arm of Miramax, Variety reports.

Kinnear and Romijn-Stamos are no slouches in the work-ethic department either. He’ll next be seen in ”Auto Focus,” playing ”Hogan’s Heroes” star Bob Crane, on Oct. 18, while ”Simone” costar Romijn-Stamos will be seen in ”Femme Fatale” in November and in the ”X-Men” sequel next May.

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