It’s enough to drive your dentist crazy. Three top U.S. soft drink makers have uncorked new versions of their classics: Dr Pepper Red Fusion, the berry-flavored Pepsi Blue, and Vanilla Coke. So how do the sodas stack up? Thirsty EW staffers put them to the taste.

Name [Dr Pepper Red Fusion]

Tastes Like ”A Shirley Temple”

Looks Like ”Robitussin wrapped in a bubbly design”

Celeb Endorsers None so far, though Red Fusion was a sponsor of Aug. 19’s 2002 Teen Choice Awards

Slogan Who’s your soda?

Sugar Count 27g/8 oz. (diet version ”a possibility,” says a rep)

Fun Fact First flavor addition to Dr Pepper family in 117 years

[Name] [Pepsi Blue]

[Tastes Like] ”Blue Nerds candy”

[Looks Like] ”A liquid Smurf in wintry-blue packaging”

[Celeb Endorsers] Ads feature Papa Roach and emerging rock-rap outfit Sev (whose spot debuted at MTV’s 2002 Video Music Awards)

[Slogan] It’s the mix

[Sugar Count] 27g/8 oz. (diet version also ”in consideration”)

[Fun Fact] First blue carbonated beverage on the market

[Name] [Vanilla Coke]

[Tastes Like] ”An old-fashioned fountain drink”

[Looks Like] ”Coca-Cola with a more modern, sophisticated label”

[Celeb Endorsers] Chazz Palminteri stars in two tongue-in-cheek gangster spots

[Slogan] Reward your curiosity

[Sugar Count] 28g/8 oz. (diet version on sale in October)

[Fun Fact] Fountains started mixing their own vanilla Cokes circa 1915