Is ''The Sopranos'' portraying FBI fact or fiction? Are there really many undercover agents on the mommy track?
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On ”The Sopranos,” Lola Glaudini’s undercover agent (above, left) seems to be a new mom wed to a fellow fed. FBI fact — or HBO fiction?
A little of both. The Bureau has no policy against women going undercover as soon as they’re off maternity leave ”as long as it doesn’t compromise the operation,” says a spokesman, adding that ”the safety of our agent and her child would be top priority.” But although there are ”a very large number” of couples working in the FBI, the rep says a hubby and wife would never be allowed to work undercover on different cases ”due to logistical problems.” As for the ”Sopranos” agents’ apparent discussion of work with each other — and relatives? Fuhgeddaboudit.

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