Some ''Sopranos'' sites to die for. Featuring everything from recipes, mob names, and home tours
Steven Van Zandt, James Gandolfini, ...
Credit: The Sopranos: Abbot Genser

Sopranos fever has struck again, and for those diehards who hunger for more than the ”Family Cookbook,” the Web serves up a veritable antipasto of tempting morsels. Armchair tourists yearning to visit Tony and Co.’s real-life haunts will find their (literal) road map here: The Bada Bing! (a.k.a. Satin Dolls), for instance, can be found on Route 17 in Lodi, N.J. Hankering for a tour of the Soprano family residence? Click on (The Sopranos Home Design Page), which offers a photographic tour of the North Caldwell, N.J., house used in exterior shots on the show. But if you’d like the blueprints to erect your own Mob mansion, prepare to fork over some vig ($599 for a printed copy). And if you’re a cugine looking to get made, the Mob Nickname Generator lets you type in your name and bada-boom — you’ve got your very own Mafia moniker. Leonardo DiCaprio=The Butcher? Ay, madonn’, indeed.