With featured appearances in two big fall movies, Hollywood’s hottest commodity is…Lynyrd Skynyrd? It’s no surprise that the Jacksonville, Fla., rockers provide a recurring tune for Sweet Home Alabama, which depicts a transplanted Southern belle (Reese Witherspoon) returning to her roots. (Jewel’s cover is on the soundtrack CD, due Sept. 24.) But Skynyrd found a less likely confederate in Eminem, who raps a version of ”Sweet Home Alabama” in 8 Mile, poking fun at his mother’s good ol’ boyfriend. ”It was kind of an impromptu thing,” says a rep for Interscope, Em’s label, adding that the song will not appear on the soundtrack. Skynyrd were unaware of Slim Shady’s homage — and seem unlikely to join him for any collaborations. ”I’m not that big of a fan,” says guitarist Gary Rossington. ”I think he’s real talented, but he’s kind of weird.”

8 Mile
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  • 111 minutes