While Lance Bass may never orbit the earth, there’ll still be plenty of action in space this year. Besides the bordello-and-all doings of Fox’s Old-West-meets-deep-space Firefly, UPN’s Enterprise is cranking up the sex factor — starting with Linda Park, Jolene Blalock, and Scott Bakula’s three-way rubdown in the ship’s decontamination chamber on the Oct. 2 episode. Later in the show, Bakula says, his Captain Archer has an even saucier dream about being alone with Blalock’s Vulcan Sub-Commander, T’Pol: ”There’s nudity and perhaps some making out.” The actor says it’s only fair that his character gets a little lovin’. ”I thought I was going to get laid last season on Risa, the pleasure planet,” he gripes. ”Captain Kirk got laid every other week on some planet, sleeping with green girls. But that, of course, was the ’60s.”

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