''Hulk'' star Eric Bana will fight Brad Pitt in ''Troy.'' He'll play Trojan prince Hector, chief rival to Pitt's Achilles

In the 2003 film version of ”The Hulk,” Eric Bana plays a guy who gets angry and turns green. After that, he’ll play a guy who gets angry and turns against the Greeks. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s signed on to the Warner Bros. epic ”Troy,” where he’ll play Trojan prince Hector, chief rival to Brad Pitt’s Greek warrior Achilles.

In the story, adapted from Homer’s ”Iliad,” Achilles petulantly walks off the battlefield after a petty dispute with Greek general Agamemnon. (Sounds like what crew members of the scrapped ”The Fountain” say Pitt did when he abruptly dropped out of that movie to make ”Troy.”) But after Hector kills his pal Patroclus, the vengeful Achilles returns to the fray — this time, it’s personal — and faces off against Hector in a one-on-one grudge match.

Director/producer Wolfgang Petersen (”The Perfect Storm”) plans to shoot the movie next spring in the United Kingdom, Malta, and Morocco, in the hopes of a 2004 release. No word yet on who will play the other Homeric heroes.

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