A Hard Day's Night (DVD - 2002)


Dig that fab 5.1 surround sound on ”Can’t Buy Me Love,” shot through with an airiness as exhilarating as that primal midsong scream, on the DVD special edition of A Hard Day’s Night. The film itself is all low-budget hustle, but the Beatles’ prodigious musicality makes it hang together far better than, say, the cancan frenzies of ”Moulin Rouge.”

But on the testimonial-packed second disc, the list of interviewees gets desperate (neither Paul McCartney nor Ringo Starr piped up). Do we really need an extended chat with the son of the Beatles’ tailor, who holds up the boys’ original suit patterns like the inseam-fixated guy from ”The Rutles”?

If only the DVD editors had cut to a clip of George Harrison, shocking a marketing exec in ”A Hard Day’s Night” with his remedy for tiresome TV programs: ”Turn the sound down…and say rude things.”

A Hard Day's Night (DVD - 2002)
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