KISSING JESSICA STEIN Jennifer Westfeldt (Fox, R) This literate tale of two women makes for a fine New York romance. B+

NEAR DARK Adrian Pasdar (Anchor Bay, R, DVD) A two-disc edition of one of the sharpest, pulpiest vampire flicks you’ve probably never seen. A-

SPRING FORWARD Liev Schreiber (MGM, R) Writer-director Tom Gilroy’s portrait of an old-timer and an ex-con is an unpretentious gem. A-


BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (Universal, R) Corsets, nudity, severed body parts, and something in the woods: It’s period drama as only the French can do it!

GOOD ROCKIN’ TONIGHT: THE LEGACY OF SUN RECORDS (Image, unrated) A look back at the storied Memphis hit factory that spawned rock & roll.

LAKEBOAT (MTI, R) David Mamet’s tale of men on a boat — think a wet Glengarry Glen Ross — was directed by Mamet regular Joe Mantegna.

THE SCORPION KING (Universal, R) The Rock and his pecs get all dressed up to star in a sword-and-sorcery epic. Just like the WWE, only with camels.

VAMPIRES: LOS MUERTOS (Columbia TriStar, R) Jon Bon Jovi heads south of the border to kick some undead butt, with — let’s hope — a cargo of kitsch in tow.