Danielle dishes on losing the game and talking some smack.. Yes, Danielle Reyes was brutally honest in the diary room. But no, she wouldn't change a thing
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Who?s sorry now? Not Danielle Reyes, the 30-year-old mother of two from Fairfield, Ca., who finished with the 50,000 runner-up prize on ”Big Brother 3.” Reyes talked to EW.com about Roddy the devil, her strategy, and how she wouldn?t do anything differently in the house.

You said on the broadcast that you only expected Jason to vote for you, but you must have assumed some others would support you at the end.

I thought possibly Josh because I believe we played the same way — I just happened to be more tactful. But then he didn?t.

Why did you feel that only Jason would vote for you?

During the Q&A session with the former houseguests, I could tell that they were taking a lot of things personally. Before Roddy asked me his question, he said I hurt a lot of people, and I knew by his tone, Roddy influenced a lot of people not to give me a vote. I expected Tonya to be harsh. It was hard to bite my tongue. I wanted to let some of them have it, but I didn?t want to be stupid. I knew it was going pretty bad when Amy came on. I didn?t recognize her voice. Then when she asked how honest I was in the diary, I knew something didn?t smell right. Every question was about ethics.

Do you feel like the final vote was more of an acknowledgment of Lisa?s game playing or a slap to you?

I believe during the final vote they forgot it wasn?t a game about ethics. It should be about who played the game the best.

It came down to a personality contest, don?t you think?


What was the vibe like among the houseguests after the final taping?

The vibe was very uncomfortable. What makes me upset more than anything — and I know this for a fact — was that I wasn?t the only one who was brutal in the diary room. I know I wasn?t, but they could be holding it against me. I made it to the end and it could be jealousy, I don?t know.

Did you learn any strategy from Will, last year?s ”BB” winner?

I admired Will?s game playing abilities. He was a puppet master, and I believe he deserved to win. My strategy was for people to underestimate me. I was a brutal game player. Believe it or not, there were a lot of moments with the houseguests where we talked about things that were sincere. I guess I played so good that they didn?t know whether those moments were true or not. I am a mother; I felt maternal to former houseguest in some aspects, especially Amy. I felt she grew so much in the house, and I was hoping she would look past this. I told her I loved her the way she was. She was selfish. But I loved her. What was amazing was that I always came out and told Amy what I said about her in the diary room. But I guess she took it personally.

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