Anna Deveare, Anna Nicole -- what's the difference? We break down the characteristics of the playwright/actress versus the former centerfold and reality TV star

By Julie Hinds
September 27, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Anna Deveare, Anna Nicole — what’s the difference?

A playwright-turned-actress with two big TV dramas A centerfold-turned-reality star with two big breasts Plays the national security adviser on ”The West Wing” Displays irrational insecurities on ”The Anna Nicole Show” Appears on CBS’ ”Presidio Med” Appears to be on several meds The prof at NYU has her bachelor’s degree in English The zaftig ingenue sometimes has trouble speaking English Has given soul-baring performances on stage Has given skin-baring performances at strip clubs Played 26 roles in her 1992 play ”Fires in the Mirror” Rolls around on the floor with her poodle, Sugarpie