Tanya is voted off -- The Tennessee sweetie was betrayed by her gut reaction to island living, says Dalton Ross, but her ex-tribe better stop choking in the challenges
Tanya Vance, Survivor: Thailand
Credit: Tanya Vance: Monty Brinton/CBS

Tanya is voted off

Holy smokes! I guess I’m supposed to write about this latest episode of ”Survivor,” but how can I after seeing the preview for next week’s episode? Those shots of extreme dude wannabe Robb with his hands around little man Clay’s neck? Unreal. And that he said/she said battle between Ted and Ghandia? What was that all about? Seems she’s gonna accuse him of coming on to her or something, which is interesting on one level because did you catch that shot on Thursday’s episode with them both lying down where she had her hand resting comfortably on his thigh? Seems like she was getting a bit close to Ted’s immunity idol, if you know what I’m saying. Whatever it is, let me be the first to declare that IT LOOKS AWESOME!

It was only a matter of time before they broke up that little love-in over at Honk Kong Phooey Gahn, or whatever the tribe is called. Speaking of Hong King Phooey Gahn (What’s that? It’s Chuay Gahn you say? Okay, whatever.), are they planning to win ANY challenges during the show? True, they’ve come tantalizingly close in all three, even blowing a huge lead in the first one, but Mark Burnett better throw them some nonphysical competitions, because these people are getting smoked. Actually, considering the way Ghandia flubbed the knife puzzle portion in episode 1, maybe they’re not quite masters of the mental side either. (Also, witness Helen’s foray to the waterhole. Yo, Helen. Bring the damn map next time, woman!)

So, Tanya’s now a goner, done in not by her constant bickering but by her constant need to projectile vomit on command. (A fate that has now befallen a growing number of ”Survivor” contestants. You remember Jessie from ”Survivor: Africa,” right? She looked kinda like J. Lo? if J. Lo had puke coming out of the side of her mouth. Sexy, eh?) I guess that was the right call, getting rid of her, although keeping Jan around may prove to cost them if these survival of the fittest games keep cropping up. The Sook Jai tribe is simply too young, too strong, and with too many boob jobs to be taken down easily.

Of course, that’s all that can really be said for Sook Jai at this point. Remember how happy they all were to be on the same team together in the first episode? What a shocker that the squad with all the young’uns is the one that seems to be having so much difficulty getting along. At least until next week’s scandal. Have I mentioned how psyched I am for that yet?

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