A toned-down ''Doom'' heads for the big screen. Warner Bros. hopes to make a PG-13 version of the violent video game

”Doom” may be one of the most popular video games in history, but it’s taken nine years for game creator id Software to agree to a movie deal. In part, the game’s notorious violent content made it a hard sell to studios; you can’t license a ”Doom” Happy Meal. Nonetheless, according to the Hollywood Reporter, id has signed a deal for a big-screen adaptation to be distributed by Warner Bros., which the studio expects to release with a more kid-friendly PG-13 rating.

Another reason ”Doom” didn’t seem to lend itself to a movie version was the first-person-shooter nature of its play. But the film will be based more on id’s ”Doom 3,” the version due next year, which is more story-driven. It takes place on a deserted base on Mars, where a scientific experiment gone awry accidentally opens a portal to hell. (Oops.) Demon-fighting action ensues.

Producing the movie will be Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the former Warner Bros. executive VP who left the studio earlier this month after Warners shelved ”Batman vs. Superman,” a project he’d championed. (Instead, the studio will launch a new ”Superman” trilogy with a script written by ”Alias”’ J.J. Abrams, to be directed by ”Red Dragon”’s Brett Ratner.) Let’s hope di Bonaventura has better luck getting the ”Doom” franchise off the ground; according to the Reporter, the deal stipulates that the movie must go before cameras within 15 months, or else id gets the film rights back.