Martin Lawrence spoofs his real-life Mexican misadventure. He'll star in a movie inspired by his flight from Mexico nine years ago after alienating the whole country with a controversial comedy routine

Martin Lawrence poked fun at his own misbehavior in this summer’s concert film ”Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat.” Now, he’s turning one of his past misdeeds into a fiction feature. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s planning a movie based on a disastrous trip to Mexico he took nine years ago, in which he was run out of the country over remarks he made on stage.

”Runteldat” director David Raynr would write the screenplay, and the concert film’s producers, Michael and Beth Hubbard, would produce, along with Tom Shadyac, the director known for his work with Jim Carrey (”Liar Liar,” the upcoming ”Bruce Almighty”). Speaking to the Reporter, Beth Hubbard recounted l’affaire Lawrence, in which the comic insulted Mexican officials during a comedy routine. ”Martin was doing a comedic bit on the L.A. riots at this jazz-comedy festival in Acapulco, and he talked about blacks and Mexicans — he talked about everyone,” she said. ”A lot of people laughed, but this one guy was not happy. He stood up and left and from there it was like ‘Something Wild.’ It was that nightmare that you hear about Mexican federales going after you. We kept switching hotels and Martin was doing everything to avoid being deported.”

Recalled Raynr, ”What Martin did in order to get out of a hotel was he carried my 2-year-old child, pretending to be a father, and then jumped into a taxi and took off while the feds searched the hotel looking for him. The driver started taking him to Mexico City, but the tire blew — all kinds of things like that happened until Martin eventually got back to the U.S., where he literally kissed the ground.”

The movie version would be a buddy comedy, in which Lawrence would learn a lesson in cultural sensitivity from the Mexican driver who helps him escape. Lawrence is currently working with Will Smith on the sequel to their hit ”Bad Boys,” whose production recently angered Florida residents by shutting down a busy artery between Miami and Miami Beach. Guess some guys just can’t please anyone.