Here's what's next for 'N Sync's Justin and Lance. Timberlake will speak out against drunk driving in memory of the fan killed two weeks ago, while would-be cosmonaut Bass plans a movie musical about nose-picking aliens

Nose Pickers from Outer Space

‘N Sync’s long break from its members’ day jobs continues, with both Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass busy these days with extracurricular activities. Timberlake, who was moved by the hit-and-run death of a fan attending a recent radio-station appearance of his, will speak out against drunk driving in a new ad campaign. And Bass, who’s still training to be a cosmonaut despite the Russians having shot down his bid to ride the Oct. 28 space shuttle flight, will sing with some other odd space folk in a musical children’s film based on the book ”Nose Pickers from Outer Space.”

According to Reuters, Timberlake announced Tuesday that he would produce and star in radio and TV spots for Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes Against Drunk Driving (RADD) in memory of Anna White, the 21-year-old fan who was killed on Sept. 9 while waiting on the sidewalk outside a Burbank, Calif., radio station where Timberlake was being interviewed. Police said the driver of a pickup truck, who had allegedly been arguing with some members of the group of fans, backed into the crowd and hit White, then dragged her down the street. Driver Cameron Duty, 23, was arrested blocks away and charged with murder, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving under the influence. He is being held on $1 million bail.

”The senseless death of Anna White yet again demonstrates the horrors of drunk driving,” Timberlake said in a statement. ”I can only hope that partnering with RADD will raise awareness and convince others never to drive after they’ve had even a few drinks.” Timberlake also made a cash donation to RADD, Reuters said.

Bandmate Bass returned to the cosmonaut training center in Star City, Russia, this week in hopes of making next April’s shuttle launch. Hopefully, by that time, the producers of the reality miniseries about his flight will have come up with the $20 million ticket price; their failure to pay the Russians in a timely manner resulted in Bass being booted from next month’s trip to the International Space Station.

But if not, Bass will still go into space on the big screen. Variety reports that he’ll produce and star in an adaptation of ”Nose Pickers from Outer Space,” Gordon Korman’s children’s tale about a race of aliens with computers in their noses who send one of their own to Earth, disguised as a nerdy fourth-grade exchange student, in order to save our planet. ”Hopefully, if we succeed at getting him to space and back safely, he’ll be in the film as one of the nose pickers,” said Bass’ producing partner Wendy Thorlakson. Bass would also sing in the musical, to be directed by ”Grease”’s Randal Kleiser. Bass’ previous movie, ”On the Line,” failed to draw ‘N Sync fans (or anyone else), but Korman’s popularity among young readers could make ”Nose Pickers” a hit. So Lance, don’t blow it.

Nose Pickers from Outer Space
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