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Amy's Orgasm


If Amy’s Orgasm were really about Amy’s orgasm, well, that might be one for the girls. As it is, writer/director/star Julie Davis’ self-conscious comedy — a second cousin to the Jewish-girl-with-issues territory of ”Kissing Jessica Stein” — is about Amy’s cuteness, Amy’s career success (she’s a best-selling writer of self-help books who can’t help herself), and Amy’s neuroses when it comes to men.

After hitting it off with Matthew (Nick Chinlund), a radio shock jock who turns out to be a pretty decent guy, the sophisticated, 29-year-old, Ivy League-educated Amy finds new stuff to kvetch about, after which Matthew develops gripes of his own, after which both parties storm off for a while when clearly the two are meant to be together.

Davis the director (”All Over the Guy”) poses Davis the star just so, and makes nice use of speeches delivered to the camera. She also makes nice use of zesty character actress Caroline Aaron as Amy’s hectic, lesbian publicist. But the orgasm? The orgasm, it turns out, is low on the list of Amy’s issues. The title is faked.

Amy's Orgasm
  • Movie
  • 87 minutes