Mexican diva Thalia's sisters are kidnapped. The singer, who's married to Sony chief Tommy Mottola, awaits word on the fate of two sisters, abducted Sunday in Mexico City
Credit: Thalia: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images/Newscom

Popular Mexican singer Thalia, who made a splash at last week’s Latin Grammys by performing in a dress wired with electric lights, is keeping a much lower profile this week, for the sake of her sisters. According to the New York Post, two of her four sisters — Ernestina Sodi and soap star Laura Zapata — were kidnapped on the street in Mexico City Sunday night, and Thalia is awaiting word on their fate.

The two women were reportedly coming out of a play and getting into their Jeep when they were approached by a minivan that had been stolen from Laura six months earlier. Gunmen came out of the minivan and carjacked the Jeep, abducting both women and speeding off in both vehicles, which were later found abandoned.

The family has not filed a police report, Mexico City sources tell the Post, because it does not want to provoke the kidnappers and because it fears that the police may be in cahoots with them. Nonetheless, authorities are searching for the missing sisters. ”We respect [the family’s] decision in these difficult times — the family fears for the life of the person who has been deprived of their liberty,” Mexico City attorney general Bernardo Batiz told the Post. ”We will not act in any way that will force things.”

Thalia (full name: Thalia Sodi) has been married for two years to Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, who was previously married for five years to Mariah Carey. She is ”devastated, and she’s very worried, as you would expect,” the Post quoted a friend as saying. ”But she doesn’t know any more than anyone else. She’s just waiting to hear something.”