The finale of CBS' ''Big Brother 3'' (airing on Wed., Sept. 25, at 9 p.m.) pits babeaholic bartender Lisa against Machiavellian media buyer Danielle, with $500,000 going to the winner. Here are's odds on who the houseguests will choose to enrich
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Pros Her I-need-the-money-the-most argument could appeal to Gerry?s bleeding-heart liberal guilt. And even though she lied to everyone (except for Jason, the sacrificed virgin), her competitors might decide that she “played the best game,” a la Richard Hatch on “Survivor” and serial prevaricator Will Kirby on “Big Brother 2.”

Cons She played the best game — for somebody who wants to finish second. Her bond with Jason and hollow promise of loyalty to Lisa ensured her survival until the last vote, but her backstabbing ways could backfire when the jury decides between her and the 99-and-44/100 percent pure Lisa. Even Amy, who exited the house claiming she wanted Danielle to win, changed her tune after screening several episodes packed with Dani?s deceitful diary-room diatribes.

Odds 3-1

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