Nick Nolte enters rehab hospital. Following a DUI arrest, the actor checks himself in for ''advice and counsel''

In the wake of his arrest for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or both), Nick Nolte has checked himself into a rehab hospital. Nolte entered the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn. — where both Billy Joel and Mariah Carey were treated in recent months — on Sept. 14, three days after his arrest. In a mug shot released from the incident, Nolte was notably disheveled, and the arresting officer reportedly described him as dazed.

”Nick Nolte voluntarily entered Silver Hill to receive advice and counsel that he feels he needs at this time,” says Nolte’s spokesperson, Paul Bloch. ”He will be there as long as he feels is necessary.” Bloch says that he doesn’t know exactly what Nolte is being treated for; Silver Hill offers treatment for psychiatric illnesses as well as drug and alcohol dependency. The Oscar-nominated actor has spoken of overcoming a drinking problem.

Production on next year’s superhero flick ”The Hulk” has already ended, so Nolte’s role as the title character’s dad won’t be affected by his hospitalization, according to Bloch. Among Nolte’s other upcoming films is ”The Good Thief,” in which he plays a heroin-addicted criminal.

The results from a blood test taken upon Nolte’s arrest aren’t yet known. His next court date is Oct. 28, according to the Associated Press.