Nicole Kidman may star in ''Bewitched'' movie. She's expressed interest in playing housewife/sorceress Samantha Stevens, with Mike Myers mentioned as Darrin

By Gary Susman
September 20, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT
Nicole Kidman: Stephen Trupp/Star Max/Newscom
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If you were Nicole Kidman, basking in your newfound acclaim as a serious actress — an Oscar nomination for ”Moulin Rouge,” a shot at another for the upcoming ”The Hours” — what would your next career move be? If you answered, ”Star in the screen version of yet another Boomer-beloved sitcom from the ’60s,” you might be ready for a job running a Hollywood studio. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kidman has expressed interest in starring in a big-screen version of ”Bewitched” that’s in development at Columbia.

Kidman would take the role of suburban housewife and repressed sorceress Samantha Stevens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery on the 1964-72 sitcom. Mentioned for the role of her husband, harried ad man Darrin (played first on TV by Dick York, then by Dick Sargent), is Mike Myers. No word on who’d play the Agnes Moorhead role of Darrin’s flamboyant, meddlesome mother-in-law, Endora. Penny Marshall, herself a sitcom vet, is expected to come aboard as a producer; at one time, she was attached to direct the movie.

While the Reporter points out that no deal is in place for Kidman, she at least has some experience, having played a witch in ”Practical Magic.” Myers also has yet to sign. Maybe the studio should emulate the TV series and have Myers play Darrin for the first half of the movie, then hand the role over to Jim Carrey.