Jason talks about his Chiara crush and who'll win the cash. The last evictee predicts how the other housemates will vote -- and you may be surprised by the result
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America’s most famous virgin became the latest houseguest to be evicted from the ”Big Brother” house. The 25-year-old videographer from Mobile, Ala., talks with EW.com about peanut butter bathing suits, his crush on Chiara, and why he thinks Danielle should win the $500,000.

What have you done since you’ve been out of the house?

I’ve had very little sleep — I’ve been watching tapes of ”Big Brother”! The show is so exciting, so dramatic, but then it was like, ”Jason you’re gonna get evicted!” It’s huge, realizing what the show has become. I felt so alone this last week when Amy left. I felt like we were the last three in the world, the cameras weren’t following us. They’ve left us! And then to leave and see that it is a huge deal — oh, wow.

What has surprised you most?

How great everything looks. Everything has been captured so well. There were times where I felt like they didn’t get that little conversation on the hammock, and then they did.

Anything shock you so far?

Not yet. I was always prepared for Danielle in the diary room. She told me she was mean and nasty in there, and that there were people she lied to and that she’d count down the evictees. I was really expecting a lot worse.

Would you be surprised to know that Danielle was not liked outside of the house?

Coming out of the house, they told me about my popularity, and I was like, ”You’re kidding me.” I was blown away. And essentially I found out that Danielle had some people who didn’t really like her so much. She played the game in some cases down and dirty, and she never denied that. She came to play. She felt like people who got out would absolutely dislike her and vote against her and that it was an uphill battle. But I hope people will look at how she and I played the game and how we dominated so much of it as opposed to what mean stuff she said in the diary room.

But you never trashed people in the diary room.

I was so cautious of the people who had left the house. I would speak my mind but still wanted that person to like me. I didn’t want to make it personal.

What did you think of Danielle’s promise that she made to Lisa that the two of them would go to the end — in the pool during the final HOH competition?

Danielle came to me and told me what she did. I knew that ultimately she lied to people in this game many times. But I felt throughout the entire game she looked out for me, and I would do the same for her. I had no reason to not trust her. In that moment, I thought through every possible option of what needed to happen, but it didn’t serve any purpose for me to go to Lisa. I did consider that maybe I could work a deal, but then Lisa gave her word to Danielle. I felt like Lisa was honorable enough to keep it.

Why did Lisa keep Danielle?

I think that Lisa felt she could win against Danielle. My parents said Lisa mentioned in the house or in the diary room over last couple of weeks that no one felt like they could beat me at the end.

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