Amy dishes on Danielle the devil and Jason the sweetie. The blond belle explains how the show misrepresented her drinking behavior and why she can't stand Chiara
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Credit: Amy Crews: Tony Esparza
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She was nominated for expulsion six times and was the only houseguest to be voted out and return. After her ouster on Thursday night, sat down with cheese-loving, big-drinking Amy to find out why she’s disappointed by Danielle, displeased by Chiara, and forever a fan of her sweetie Jason.

You screened seven episodes of ”Big Brother” after soon as you were evicted. What did you think?

Certain things were magnified as to what happened and what didn’t. I thought there were misconceptions about me in the house.

Like, your drinking?

I was blown away. The houseguests magnified it. They turned into a big deal. It was one night! They needed something negative and they just ran with it. When you have limits on things, and you’ve never had limits, it makes you want it more.

Roddy thought you just drank out of boredom.

I did. I didn’t have the opportunity very often. And when we did, we weren’t allowed very much.

Was the show accurate in its portrayal, then, about how much you liked cheese?

Very much so. I love cheese. I just had cheese, actually.

How did all the gals manage to maintain their weight?

Some of them didn’t. Amy will be having a personal trainer as soon as she gets home. My mother was the first to point it out. I knew that she was going to just let me have it. She’s my worst critic, she always has been.

What did you learn about Marcellas when you screened those past episodes?

It bothers me, some of the things he said. ”She has to go. She’s getting on my nerves.” Just the fact that we were so close. And that speech (when Marcellas nominated her for eviction) was harsh. That speech ripped me to shreds. I was so shocked. I expected to be on the block. I sort of asked him to nominate me all week. But I thought it was really uncalled for.

Why did you make nice with him afterwards then?

Roddy asked me that so many times, wanting to know why I was making things easier for Marcellas. But I can’t be in the house if he’s mad at me. He just made me uncomfortable.

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