Kevin Spacey denies summering at Fire Island. The actor says there's no truth to a New York magazine report that he's spent the summer at the gay-friendly resort, saying he's never even visited there
Kevin Spacey
Credit: Kevin Spacey: Chris Delmas/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Kevin Spacey continues to shoot down rumors about himself. The latest comes from New York magazine, which teased readers with a story that began, ”We know what Kevin Spacey’s been doing this summer,” then went on to report that he’d rented a house at the Pines on Fire Island, a beach resort community known as a gay-friendly travel destination. In a letter to the editor in the current issue of New York, Spacey calls the story a ”total inaccuracy.”

The story, which ran in the gossip column in the magazine’s Sept. 9 issue, said that Spacey had not only rented a lavish mansion on the island, but had also rented a private boat so that he wouldn’t have to mix with ordinary folk who travel to Fire Island via public ferry. In his letter, however, Spacey wrote, ”I have never been to Fire Island — not even as a visitor.” He joked, ”I have been far too busy this summer working at a small amusement park in Boise, Idaho, to find time to rent an expensive beach house anywhere.”

Spacey then turned serious, however, writing, ”While I understand that most of your reporting is done in good fun and that this particular story does not appear to have been written with malicious intent, it is so completely untrue that it seems to warrant a reexamination by New York of the freedom it gives to reporters who write anything they want without concern for the facts.”