ABC viewers will get to vote stars off the island. The network is importing the ''Survivor''-like British series ''I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!''

On TV, it’s open season on celebrities. Besides the humiliations and punishments they’ve endured on Fox’s ”Celebrity Boxing” and special episodes of ”Fear Factor,” there’s upcoming ”Celebrity Boot Camp” on Sept. 30 and Sept. 24’s ”Celebrity Daredevils,” both on Fox. Not to mention the WB’s ”Surreal World,” which will cram stars into a single house and watch them argue over who bogarted the peanut butter. Now, ABC is jumping into the fray with a ”Survivor”-like celebrity challenge imported from England, called, ”I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

Over 15 episodes in midseason, ABC will take eight stars and drop them in a forbidding location, with only rice and water rations. As on ”American Idol,” there will be a viewer voting component, with couch potatoes deciding each night which celeb to torture with a physical challenge to win food for the group, with one star eliminated each week. ”You’re seeing someone ripped from the headlines literally competing for their dinner,” ABC reality VP Andrea Wong told Variety.

No word on who the stars will be — ABC tells Variety it’s looking for athletes, entertainers, and newsmakers — but a lot of these shows have been scraping the bottom of the fame barrel. The ”Boot Camp” grunts include Tiffany, Milli Vanilli’s Fabrice Morvan, Barry ”Greg Brady” Williams (also a ”Celebrity Boxing” alum), spokesmodel Nikki Schieler Ziering, and Kato Kaelin. Performing dangerous stunts on ”Daredevils” will be Dennis Rodman, model/actress Angie Everhart, and Lorenzo Lamas (also a ”Boot Camp” competitor). The British version of ”I’m a Celebrity…” included Christine Hamilton (wife of Neil Hamilton, a former Parliament member) and spoon-bending psychic/Michael Jackson pal Uri Geller.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!
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