Marcellas explains his lust and picks the final winner. Naked shots of Roddy, why Danielle isn't a nice person, and more dish from the latest ousted houseguest
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After surprising everyone by not using the golden veto on himself, Marcellas Reynolds got the surprise of his own last night when he was kicked out of the ”Big Brother” house. The 34-year-old single, gay stylist from Chicago, Ill., talks to about his crucial mistake to not save himself, along with Danielle’s ugly side, and who should walk away with the $500,000.

Who have you talked to from the house since you’ve been out?

Roddy. We talked about the deal he thought we had. But I didn’t think we had one. I was waiting for him to come and firm it up because we never shook on it. He wanted to start an alliance [in the jacuzzi], but by that time I so distrusted him and knew he had so many other alliances…. He was looking amazing. I’m sitting there in my bathrobe and pajamas. I got every single second of that [Roddy in his bathing suit]. It is burned onto my retina. I close my eyes and see it.

You know, there were nude shots of Roddy moving on the web.

He’d always call naked boy time! He would be undressing and call naked boy time. I’m thinking, Was it a ploy for me to look or was I supposed to NOT look. I’m going to look, because he was fabulous. I’m a boy. You call naked boy time, I want to see other boys naked.

Who did you have alliances with?

I thought Danielle, Jason, and I had something that was really strong. Then I thought Danielle and I had something stronger than she had with Jason. I did not know she had anything with Lisa.

Were you surprised Jason nominated you?

Jason, Danielle, and I were supposed to be in this block. I knew Jason had the option to put me on the block, but I thought he should have come to me directly and explained why he was putting me up.

Do the houseguests realize that what is said in the diary room can come back to haunt them when it comes time to pick the winner?

I don’t think Danielle realized it. But I know Roddy realized it from day one.

Were you aware that Danielle was constantly calling Roddy the devil?

I was aware of it. I’m sad about anything that was hurtful to anyone. I called Roddy diabolical early on and then Danielle said he was the devil. Then I likened Roddy to David Koresh at a couple points. Somebody called him Jim Jones. There was a whole riff of things that I thought were unfair. I would never make those references in the real world. But we all had to do what we had to do to get through it. There was a villification of each person to get them out. You have to absolutely positively hate that person to vote them out and to live with it afterwards.

Everyone thought you were mean to Amy in that nomination speech.

I wasn’t going to nominate Amy. I was going to nominate Danielle. But Amy behaved so badly during the pie competition. She had been on this massive roll of bad behavior since she came back to the house. The way she spoke about Chiara was insensitive to Jason and me because we liked Chiara. I nominated her as sort of a wake-up call. I never assumed for a moment that Amy would go.

What was with Gerry’s strange obsession with you toward the end?

I think that Gerry really truly wanted to be my friend. I think he made mistakes along the way that prohibited that. I think that Gerry found me charming and interesting. And that’s all I have to say about that.

The producers say an hour before the golden veto meeting you were leaning toward not using it on yourself.

I wasn’t leaning. I was not packing. I was free, black, and 21 — and I was not leaving that house. Unfortunately, my not using the veto gave Jason the chance to eliminate me because I did not think for a second that Danielle would vote against me.

Why didn’t you use the golden veto on yourself?

Lisa wouldn’t look at me because she was shaking. Jason’s voice was cracking. Danielle gets very still when she feels out of control. When I came into this house I got a psychological test and they said I couldn’t do it because I have such empathy for people and that’s not what this game is about. But I felt their pain. I didn’t want them to be sad, and I thought if I didn’t hurt them they ultimately wouldn’t hurt me.

Did you give Danielle a dirty look on your way out of the house?

I stormed out of house because I was absolutely shocked that I sacrificed myself so none of them would be sad. But it wasn’t until I hit the door and practically collapsed that I realized Danielle had played me.

It seems obvious that Danielle will put up Lisa and Amy, and Lisa will be out. It seems like Jason and Danielle would rather go to the end with Amy because they think they can beat her.

That’s how I feel, too.

If it came down to Danielle and Amy, who do you think will win?

Amy will walk way with $500,000 and I would applaud it. She went balls-out in the game. She was herself; she never made any pretenses about being anyone other than who she was. Maybe it’s personal about what she did to me, but Danielle was mean and I think that ultimately we all wanted to play nicely and to be kind. I don’t think Danielle was a nice girl.

Can you see Danielle betraying Jason at the end to make sure she’s up against Amy, even though she promised all along that he would go to the end with her?

She promised me all along that she’d take me to the end. She worked me with the two-black-people-at-the-end thing, which was immensely important to me. She wants to win the money and she is smart and she is cunning, and just like she cut me loose, she’ll cut Jason loose. I know she knows Jason has a better shot at it than her.

What about if Danielle does go up against Jason?

Jason will walk away with the money. If it’s Jason and Amy, then it will be like ‘Amy was crazy and all’ [and Jason will therefore win]. Even though Jason was sort of duplicitous, it will definitely be a popularity contest with this group. I’m profoundly angry with myself because I think I could have beaten everybody at the end. I think I was the most popular person in the house.

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