''Sopranos''' Jamie-Lynn Sigler will marry her manager. The couple, secretly engaged since Labor Day, will make it official next summer
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Credit: Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images/Newscom

Most people might think twice about getting on a boat with a member of the Soprano family — just ask the late Big Pussy. According to People magazine, however, ”Sopranos” star Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s manager and boyfriend proposed to her during a Mexican cruise over Labor Day weekend. Like her TV brother, his name is A.J. (last name: Discala), and he plans to make an honest woman of the TV Mafia princess next summer, according to E!.

Discala, 31, recited a poem and popped the question to Sigler, 21, shortly after she stepped out of the shower. She managed to keep the engagement secret at a Sept. 5 premiere party in New York for the new ”Sopranos” season (which starts Sunday) by transferring the engagement ring to her right hand.

Discala certainly seems to have been doing his job lately. In the past few months, in addition to her day job as Meadow Soprano, Sigler has released an album, published a memoir (”Wise Girl”), and gotten herself cast in the lead role in Broadway’s ”Beauty and the Beast,” where she’ll start her run on Oct. 1.

Let’s hope that the marriage has the blessing of Sigler’s TV dad, James Gandolfini, and the other made men in the family, whom, Sigler has noted, have all become fiercely protective surrogate fathers, especially whenever the actress has to play a romantic scene on the show. Besides, you know what happened to Jackie Jr. when he didn’t do right by Meadow.