Is the ousted Marcellas a saint or an idiot? Dalton Ross thinks he's the latter for not using the power of veto to save his eviction from the house
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Is the ousted Marcellas a saint or an idiot?

IDIOT!!! That’s what millions of people were yelling at the television sets during the most recent episode of ”Big Brother 3.” And no, not when they caught their first glimpse of host Julie Chen (who informed the houseguests that she would not be ”playing nice-nice”), but rather when Marcellas declined the use the power of veto to save himself from eviction.

Now before you start going on and on about how noble it was, all I can say is: Give me a break. This is ”Big Brother 3” were talking about. Why sign up for the game if you’re not in it to win it? (Other than massive television exposure, although that doesn’t get you too much these days, now does it? Just ask my man Bunky.)

I mean, even the virgin of the group, Jason, knows when to get down and dirty (well, not in certain respects, he being a virgin and all, but you know what I’m saying.) Speaking of Jason, I love the guy, and have been rooting for him almost since week one, but man, this is a wasted opportunity. Here he is alone with three gorgeous ladies (okay, gorgeous may be pushing it, but when you’ve been cut off from civilization at large for 72 days, even Janet Reno might be looking pretty fine), and what can he do about it? Nothing! Well, that’s okay, it’s not like Marcellas was gonna do anything about it either.

Marcellas was a pretty maddening contestant. First off, I don’t buy for a SECOND that he wasn’t really trying to win the game. We heard him say before that he felt safe going against Amy (he even asked Danielle NOT to use it on him if she won), and since he was trying to get Lisa over to his side to go against Danielle and Jason in the final four and knew Jason would put her up in his place, he was probably just trying to get in her good graces.

And remember, he wasn’t just a simple bystander the past two months. For all his talk about ”moral fortitude,” Marcellas could be two-faced as well. Not only did he help vote out Gerry (who saved his ass in week one) but he also reneged on a clear alliance he made with Roddy in the hot tub. (No, not THAT kind of alliance. Get your mind out of the gutter.) All that said, I’ll miss watching him semi-hurl while chowing down on chicken liver and escargot. And that white bathrobe look was smooooooth as all get out. I’m gonna try sporting that in the office, and see how it goes over.

Now that Danielle has won head of household, it would seem that she and Jason are safe for another week. Now, do they keep their word and bring along Lisa, or will they be P.O’d she voted to keep Marcellas and switch courses? Beats me, but I do know one thing, and that’s the fact that I gotta go, on the account that my haggis is almost ready. While I dig in, let us know who you want to win ”Big Brother 3.”

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