Has Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gone too far? A year after Conan’s crass canine asked to sniff Jennifer Lopez’s booty at 2001’s MTV Video Music Awards, the cigar chomper stirred up tensions between Moby and Eminem during the Aug. 29 show. Triumph — the alter ego of Robert Smigel — asked Em to comment on his Moby-bashing references in ”Without Me.” The rapper dodged the puppet, leaving his ”dawgs” to stare Triumph down, and was later booed when he accepted the award for Best Male Video. Interestingly, the confrontation was trimmed from VMA reruns. MTV has no comment; a rep for Moby says the musician admires the puppet, while an Em spokesman says the rapper ”doesn’t even really know what Triumph is.” Smigel is staying mum, but the mutt insists that he wasn’t out to start a dogfight, just ”to poop on and humiliate others.”