Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs

I need to weep every time I open ”Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs,” a document that will endure as a heartening, heartrending monument long after most Sept. 11 books have been pulped. It was conceived by photographers Alice Rose George, Gilles Peress, Michael Shulan, and Charles Traub, but many hundreds of professionals and amateurs captured its pictures; it seems as close to comprehensive as any record of the desecration of Lower Manhattan is likely to get. Page 185: The second plane, bright as a toy, hangs in the perfect sky. Page 360: Four rescue workers curl up in the rubble to sleep. Page 797: On Sept. 12, a cherubic boy toddles by a newsstand, his hair the same red as the billowing blaze on the New York Times front page. Almost every page of Here Is New York treats the unspeakable with striking eloquence. In sum, they offer something like catharsis.

Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs
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