THINK OF IT AS SUMMER SCHOOL. For attentive movie fans, there was much to learn at the multiplex. Here's a crash course.

— Red wine reduces the effects of radiation if you’re stuck on a sub with a leaking nuke. (Harrison Ford’s K-19)

— Crocodiles’ eyes shine bright red when a light hits them. Oh, and the bird-eating spider is the largest arachnid in Australia. (The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course)

— Of the 40 people at the Sex Pistols’ June 1976 concert in Manchester, England, nearly a quarter joined such bands as New Order and the Buzzcocks. (24 Hour Party People)

— Mobster Al Capone’s operation was based in Chicago’s posh Lexington Hotel. (Road to Perdition)

— Greek superstition holds that eating a roasted lamb’s eyeball will make you smart. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

— It’s easier to surf on a sandbar than elsewhere: The waves break smaller, and the ground is not skin-shredding coral reef. (Blue Crush)

— Spider-Man’s Kirsten Dunst notwithstanding, Vin Diesel rightly notes that real waitresses don’t wear heels. (XXX)

— Yoda is a badass with a lightsaber. (Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones)

— With great power comes great responsibility. (Cliff Robertson in Spider-Man)